Journeys for the Soul

Journeys for the Soul

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Off The Beaten Path Travel with a Personal Touch

Welcome to Journeys for the, dedicated to providing unique “off the beaten path” Adventure and Group Travel for travelers with a passion for visiting unique destinstions around the world. Small groups of like minded individuals is one of our many features our clients enjoy. We provide truly authentic experiences in some of the world’s most exciting and exotic places including Africa, India, adventurous Islands in the Caribbean, Poland and more.

Many of our tours are lead by Louise Blazik CTM, Professional Tour Organizer and Guide with over 25 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Louise is recognized worldwide as a travel and tourism expert.

Louise carefully hand crafts custom itineraries and does everything possible to ensure tour participants enjoy unique memorable travel experiences that are also exciting, adventurous, inspiring, comfortable, and safe.

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Why Travel With Journeys for the

  • We pride ourselves on integrity, dependability with attention to detail
  • We take a personal interest in each tour participant and understand at times one may have unique needs which we do our utmost to meet
  • We select exotic and new destinations including Africa, India, the Far East, Europe and many others to offer our tour groups
  • On tour we do our best to ensure our tour participants have opportunity to enjoy unique local traditional hospitality to maximize the travel experience
  • We do our very best to ensure the safety and comfort of our participants while at the same time maximizing unique and fun travel experiences
  • We organize small groups (average size is 20 participants) of like minded individuals who share a passion for adventures off the beaten path

Past Tours –  African Safari


The African Tour is now closed, we sent our warmest wishes to our travellers and we wish them a happy and adventurous travel journey. For information on future tours, please contact

Wellness & Holistic Services

Wellness and holistic services are available to individuals or corporations interested in maximizing the wellbeing of their staff. Our services include a series of Wellness and Journeys for the Soul Workshops, Reiki treatments, Spiritual Guidance, and Hypnosis (by a Certified Hypnotist).

Please contact us to book a personal appointment or visit our website for upcoming workshops covering a variety of topics in the healing arts.

We wish you a healthy and happy journey through life and look forward to meeting you in the near future…

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