March for World Peace


Tax dollars spent on one week at war could support a decent health care system for a year.


Edmund Burke (Political Philosopher 1729-1797) said it best: “Evil will flourish when good men & women stand by and do nothing”.

War mongers with massive Egos leading countries have no place in a decent world society. Canada’s role has dramatically changed from that of a peace keeping nation to placing out troops to high risk front line positions. 

If Canada eliminates it’s 50 billion dollar military budget, we eliminate our entire Nation’s 50 billion dollar deficit. Let’s join together and let our leaders know we want our tax dollars directed to decent care and support for our seniors, children, the disadvantaged and those with disabilities and not military war machines.

Let’s Bring Our Troops Home…..

History has shown after decades and trillions of dollars given to third world countries under the auspices of supporting “freedom and democracy” in truth does little to nothing for the people. Foreign aid too often simply goes into the pockets of dishonest government officials who leave their people to starve; suffering from lack of medical care; deprived of a decent education and struggling to build a decent infrastructure so their children may someday enjoy a better life.  Participating in useless killings and standing by while horrendous human rights abuse around the world continues simply fuels more killings, anger, hatred and disrespect. This goes against the conscious of every decent citizen of the world.

Please Join Us for a Peace Walk September 21, 2012 in cities around the world…

Who’s Marching? Ordinary people; peaceful, genderless and ageless from “Babes in Arms” to “Grannies and Grandpa’s” all marching together for world peace. We as marchers, have a social conscious and are dedicated to taking action to ensure our desire for world peace becomes reality. When we live life as a silent bystander this may be misunderstood as tolerance and acceptance of aggression, wars and human rights abuses under the auspices of “freedom”. Choose to live life as a participant by supporting the “March for World Peace”. All citizens of the world deserve to live with dignity, respect and tolerance. It is ordinary people like you and I who have the power and collective strength and energy to create change. I believe a tremendous human tsunami of peace and love that started years ago is gaining incomprehensible momentum. 


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