Living Positively



 Thoughtful minded, philosophical spiritual individuals share thoughts and experiences and many are seeking answers to questions.


Thoughtful people ask:

  1. WHO am I?…….. HOW can I learn more about myself?
  2. WHERE did I come from?
  3. WHY am I hear?
  4. WHAT is my PURPOSE?
  5. WHY am I not happy?
  6. WHY have I not found my ideal job?
  7. WHEN will I find a job?
  8. WHY do I feel there is more to life then I am experiencing?
  9. WHY haven’t I found my ideal companion or any companion at all?
  10. WHY does it seem more money goes out, then what comes in?

 These questions lead us to The POWER of POSITIVE THINKING and VISUALIZATION:

 WHAT we believe to be true for us, becomes reality…WHAT we think about ourselves becomes reality…WHAT we see for ourselves becomes reality…WHAT we believe our self-worth to be, becomes reality…WHAT we give out, we get back a.k.a. the Law of Kharma, We Reap What We Sow and the Law of Cause and Effect

Our thoughts and words are very powerful, they become reality therefore….

FEED and NURTURE your mind good thoughts, positive thoughts, just know things never remain miserable nor do they ever remain good; the waves of an ocean, the ebb and tide, come in and surely go back out… this is part of Natural Law, it just is. Very soon, Spring will arrive as it naturally follows our long cold winter…..without question.

I believe it may have been Plato who said ”Pain and Pleasure are like Siamese Twins”, we need one to appreciate the other.

We learn our most valuable life lessons from the challenges and adversities we choose to face not hide from….as this is where we develop our inner strength and compassion.


1. Surround yourself with people who love, support and encourage you

2. Listen to inspirational music

3. Read inspirational books

 4. Meditate even for short periods of time, each morning, evening and throughout the day as you walk to and from the car, subway etc. this brings calmness and peace of mind many people also fi nd this opens up creativity

5. Choose your battles carefully, sometimes it is better to be happy then to be right

6. Keep your Guiding Angels and Spirits close to you, all the time

 As individuals we not only have the questions, we have the answers as well deep within us… we need only to ask for guidance. God is not an individual who sits upon a great throne somewhere in the Heavens inaccessible to us, He is right here, in each and every one of us and within every living thing. Our Guiding Spirits and Angels are always close by us we need only to ask that they come forward, to support us, to be there for us, to bring us the joy, love, happiness and financial abundance we all deserve.

– Louise Blazik


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